AICR Congress – Paris 2017

Motivate for success

MJ Inspiremjinspire ltd was formed in 2016 after its founder Mary Jane Flanagan (mj) having spent three decades in the hospitality industry, wanted to form a learning and development company that focused on building relationships at its core. In addition to her hospitality back ground mj now works with a variety of industries globally which has enabled her to help her clients learn from disciplines other than their own. Clients include Dorchester Collection, Principle Hotel Group, PwC, Selfridges, Land securities and Silversea cruises.

Outline for AICR development session Feb 2017

Motivate for success

There is a direct link between inspirational leadership, engaged team members, the delivery of exceptional standards and sustained bottom line profit. It starts with you and your ability to manage and motivate your team for success.

This informative and interactive session will give practical tips and tools to take back to the work place and increase the motivational levels of your team. Using the profiling tool “Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)® “ you will gain an understanding of your motivational drivers and be able to identify those of your team. We will then explore the language and behaviours you could exhibit to appeal to those drivers when communicating, giving feedback and delegating.


  • Understand your key motivational drivers and be able to identify those of others
  • Gain a clear understanding of what motivates individuals from leadership models to the latest research
  • Be able to provide a motivating environment which will allow your team to excel.

Indicative content

  • Define motivation and what employees need to be motivated.
    • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
    • mjinspire ltd research 2016 – How do you want to be rewarded and recognised?
    • Drive – Daniel Pink
    • Understand your motivators through SDI® and understand how others are motivated
    • Investigates how leaders can adapt their style to suit others

Strength Deployment Inventory


Imagine how much stronger your relationships would be if you really understood what made people tick— both when things are going well and when there was conflict and opposition. The Total SDI® provides a window into what drives you and what drives others—an understanding that empowers you to communicate in a way that achieves the results you desire.

Here are some ways the SDI produces results:

  • It measures motivation.The science behind the art creates an accurate picture of what’s important to us – going beyond behaviours to reveal our individual motivations. And very few people disagree with their assessment results, which means they buy into the picture of who they are and what drives them so they can begin to work within that reality.
  • It’s bi-conditional.The SDI measures the motives behind the behaviours when conditions are going well and when conditions involve the different stages of conflict. By helping people understand what matters to people and why, and by providing a safe, common language for discussing tough issues, the SDI provides a non-threatening way to deal with conflict.
  • It strengthens a weakness.The SDI provides insight into the unique way we value different strengths and interpret the actions of others. This helps us recognise those times when we need to use different behaviours based on the conditions, our motives, and the motives that are driving others.
  • It’s a system of its own.The insights that come from the SDI are crucial to improving any situation where people interact. And the SDI seamlessly integrates relationship and conflict management skills into nearly any training and development programme – team building, leadership development, emotional intelligence, you name it. In other words, it’s designed for human systems and organisational systems.
  • It’s memorable.The simple triangle graphic and the use of primary colours make this a highly visual, easy to understand tool. And by using experiential teaching methods, anyone can quickly internalise the learning. And because it creates a common language for understanding and discussing motives and relationships, the training is highly sustainable.

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